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Principal Designer - Founder 
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ACT Lighting design 
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With over 20 years of experience in the fields of architecture, entertainment and art installations, Koert Vermeulen, is today a worldwide renowned lighting designer, with major successes.

 With his lighting and multimedia design for the opening and closing ceremonies of the SINGAPORE 2010 YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES (SYOG), Koert Vermeulen, has made ACT lighting design one of the world’s leading independent lightning design firms.

Inspired by the modernity and creativity of his native city of Antwerp, in Belgium, Koert started his career in 1989, when he founded his first professional lighting & sound supply company. Conceiving the lighting for the most fashionable nightclubs, concerts and fashion shows in Antwerp, Koert soon discovered the world of corporate events.

After founding ACT lighting design in 1995, Koert started to expand his work to stage plays, urban operas, “sound & light” shows, fashion shows, such as “Décrocher la Lune”, in cooperation with artistic director Luc Petit. In 1999, Koert met Franco Dragone, and illuminates several projects for him, such as the prestigious “Le Rêve”, a show launched in April 2005 at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Koert also illuminates the corporate shows of Hermès, Coca-Cola, the National Bank of Belgium, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Ernst&Young, Siemens, Samsonite, Saatchi and Mercedes, and collaborates with artistic director Dirk Decloedt, and event agencies such as Any Performance, KCom, D-Side, DDMC and Guava. In 2011, Koert conceived the lightning design of Metinvest corporate show in Ukraine, which was directed by Luc Petit CREATION and produced by K-Events agency.

For 15 years, he has also ensured the visual design of “I LOVE TECHNO” in Ghent, the biggest indoor techno festival in Belgium, with 35.000 people attending each year.

Since 1998, he has expanded his work towards architecture, with projects such as exhibitions, museums, heritage sites, shopping malls, urban spaces, city master plans, office centres and other outdoor projects, while keeping his specific stage approach. His collaboration with Bruno Demeester on these projects, led in 2004, to the creation of ACT architectural lighting design. Since then, the ACT lighting design agency, with its nine lighting designers based in Brussels and Paris, provides its expertise on projects such as the church Sainte Marie, the commercial centres De Klanderij, Optimum and Sanko Park, the master plan for La Defense, Paris’ financial district, projects for Center Parcs…all over Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Asia…

Exhibitions and museums projects include: “Le droit de rêver” (The right to dream), on the occasion of the 25th commemoration of Jacques Brel’s death, directed by Stan Colders, and “Magazine” for the Royal library in The Hague. With SIEN, a museum design agency, Koert collaborates on several exhibition projects, like “Suikermuseum” in Tienen and “Locutorium”, in Leuven. He designed the architectural, scenographic and exterior lighting schemes for the prestigious STAM Museum in Ghent, and the lighting and video of themed attractions for Walt Disney Studio, Parc Asterix, Futuroscope and Park Tivoli.

Never ceasing to work for live theatre and spectacles, he realizes outstanding performances for thousands of people as well as illuminating small contemporary forms such as “L’homme assis dans le couloir”, a play from Maguerite Duras, directed by Razerka Lavant at the Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris. For over five years, he has collaborated with in-SENSO, a dance company specialised in vertical & contemporary dance.

Moulded by his experiences, artistic, scientific and architectural knowledge and after having received several awards, Koert Vermeulen is regularly invited to share his thoughts and expertise, by giving lectures and speeches at conferences. A guest professor from 2004 to 2008 at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, teaching a course on “Lighting Design”, Koert is also a member of The Professional Lighting Designers’ Association (PLDA), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). He is a speaker at the 2011 Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLDC) in Madrid, lighting design’s industry most respected and prestigious gathering.

Among many concert and live events lighting designers, Koert was chosen to conceive the light show of the huge concert in honour of the government of Albert II – King of Belgium, as well as to assure lighting and video projection of the opening ceremony of the Belgian presidency of the European Union in 2010. On these two projects, he collaborated with Frank Anthierens. “Je m’voyais déjà”, a musical based on songs of Charles Aznavour, which lighting video and content were also designed by Koert. The musical stayed eight months in Paris, before touring in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada in 2009.

Always willing to improve and expand his work throughout new experiences, Koert has started to collaborate with Marcos Vinals Bassols, who became artistic director and set designer for ACT lighting design, in 2010. Together, they designed the entire set, lighting, content and video animation of several projects such as, 2010 and 2011 editions of “HALA” Lalayi Febrayer Music and Poetry festival in Kuwait, the concert “One phone One pass” in Brussels and “Cine Callao” in Madrid…

After winning the European competition of Lighting Festival “Fêtes des Lumières” in Lyon in 2006, Koert developed a new expression of contemporary Light Art installations. He designed the “sound and light” spectacles for the 2007 and 2009 Winter Festivities in Brussels. In 2008, he is the invited artist for “SolStis”, the first edition of Brussels own light festival, and also for “Arbres et Lumières” in Geneva and Luxembourg. He is also the laureate at the international competition for Christmas lighting of Champs-Elysées, which he will assure until 2014.

In collaboration with Odeaubois, Koert marks a new success in the field of art Installations. “OVO”, is a multi-sensory art object, to which a dimension of a luminous event is added, provided by plays of light and visual effects of water and acoustic animations. “OVO” was presented for the first time during the 2010 “Fêtes des Lumières” in Lyon before travelling all over the world, from Jerusalem to Istanbul.

After SYOG’s breathtaking show in 2010, Koert Vermeulen continues to experiment with new ways to enrapture audiences and to develop new visual design techniques, constantly researching new domains of application.


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