About us

With BloomDesk we want to transcend the way real-estate professionals manage their projects and offer them the opportunity to create more value by accessing the best expertize on the market.
BloomDesk is born out of the current economic realities and the challenges that the property and real estate industry will face tomorrow.


Our team’s complementary skills and past experience working with clients like CORIO, EXTENSA, SIMON, ANCHOR GRUP amongst others, has helped us create BloomDesk. It allows us today to provide an unrivalled solution based on a cross-functional approach we have matured by more than 15 years of individual experience.

BloomDesk's team consists of talented & experience
business and IT entrepreneurs coupled with
real-estate professionals.


With BloomDesk we want you to Aim High, Make Big Plans… But before you reach the solution, start small: We believe there’s someone out there that has a great expertize for you.

Property Development processes associated with the commitment of a wider range of values besides Financial or Consumption ones such as Community, Environment, Welfare, all in a transparent and collaborative process, are require to build or re-build the Property assets sustainability.

BloomDesk will also offer its platform to Non-profit associations in order to support teams & organisations reach their objectives.
You have a project or an idea? We would love to hear about it.